Global Kindness helps people from different cultural backgrounds and varying walks of life. Some of them have written to us to express their appreciation and we would like to share their kind words with you.
"Dear Yael, Nouriel and your beautiful Family, May the Aibeshter shower upon you abundant blessings like the abundant joy and happiness you bestow upon HIS creations! An honor and delight to know you."

Miriam Friedfertig
Miami Beach/Crown Heights

"Diamonds of Los Angeles! Hashem should shower blessings of abundance and strength upon you so you may continue to flourish with your holy work."

Garbose Family

"Amazing Family. This family goes way beyond their call of duty. They will do anything for anyone in need!"


The NESS Counseling Center, Inc. A Non-Profit Organization "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Nouriel Cohen, On behalf of the staff of the NESS Counseling Center I would like to thank you for your very generous donation of mens and womens clothing. It is only through the generosity of friends like you that we are able to continue our vital work with those who suffer with life’s many obstacles. Our clients and staff truly appreciate your concern and are grateful for your kindness and continued support. May Gd grant you and your family much continued and ever-growing success in all of your endeavors, with good health, much nachas, joy and prosperity."

Ari Brown Administrator

BAIS CHANA Chabad Girls High School "To Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, Words cannot express our deep appreciation and gratefulness for all your kindness. The girls are so happy with the couch, the table etc. I know it takes a lot of strength and time, but the reward is immeasurable. I truly wish there were more people like you in the community. In the merit of all you do, Gd should give you only good things."

Mrs. Rodal and Bais Chana

(the author of the following letter has been kept anonymous) "My Dearest Cohen Family, May Gd bless you like he blessed our holy fathers with everything. We love you and truly value your Torah and good deeds. This small check is a gift and not a loan. It never has to be paid back... It is an honor to be related to you guys and we pray that G´d continue to increase your mitzvot and that we may also one day merit approaching your levels..."
"Dear Nouriel Cohen , On Friday Dec 21st, I was riding my bike past your house, and you gave me the most wonderful loaf of bread, and your Global Kindness card. I had just totaled my car the previous day, and I can´´ tell you how much your act of kindness raised my spirits! Thank you so much. I´ll be in touch."

Cinthia Mather

"Dear Yaelle, Thank you so much for arranging the gift cards for my family and me. We really appreciate it. Please thank the people who gave them to us. I hope you and your family had a happy Chanukah. Love,"

Temima Shifren

"Good luck with your amazing program and vision"

Stacey and Jonah Light

"Dear Yaelle and Nouriel and Family, Thank you for all the act of kindness you do for our community. You are wonderful people! Love,"

Judy and Philip Miller and Family

"...All the checks came from the hearts and souls of our generous funds - religious and non religious - in our community and not in our community, who thank you for your wonderful efforts!! Keep up the great work. May Hashem bless you with open miracles and continued bracha. In gratitude, "

Ellie, Marshal and Gilana Jafffe