“We enthusiastically are giving our time and energy to help them get back on their feet!”  

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Nouriel and his wife Yaelle Cohen are the Founders and Owners of Global Kindness in Los Angeles. Established in 2005, their renowned nonprofit assists hundreds of needy families with essentials such as food, healthcare, clothing, furniture, appliances, job recruitment, and other vital services. The Cohen family created their organization, and accompanying thrift store, after a transformational set of events. Previously, in the 70s, they had built a successful company that sold health and beauty supplies. But their company took a downturn in the late 90s, and the Cohens lost everything — including their home in Beverly Hills. While they were able to live off of savings for a couple of years, those funds eventually ran out. The Cohens, who had been wealthy, stable, generous and charitable for their entire lives, now found themselves in desperate need. They worried about how to support their children. The Cohens realized that, while they were no longer wealthy, they still had more than those living in poverty. Yaelle’s sister suggested that they try to help others who were less fortunate, and remarked, “the world needs more kindness.” 
One night, Yaelle was invited to help volunteer with a nonprofit organization that provides Kosher food to low-income Jewish families. She started making deliveries using her own car. Nouriel joined and helped too — this was the inspiration to start something amazing. “Instead of giving money, which we don’t have any more, we can help them with our time and our energy!” So the Cohens decided to operate a new charitable organization, which flourished into an award-winning foundation. Global Kindness proudly helps people of all backgrounds, while still providing much-needed Kosher supplies to religious Jewish families. 

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